10 Lessons in Creativity From the ArtGame Weekend in Paris

first_imgguest author 1 Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Tags:#mobile#web Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img ArtGame weekend is a creative and collaborative challenge that brings together developers, game designers, and artists to create mobile artgames. The first ArtGame weekend took place in Paris, France last month. By combining art plus gameplay plus open collaboration, nine ideas became nine artgames – and more than 40 artists, developers, and video game professionals an intense teamwork experience. As you can imagine, we learned a lot. Here are 10 lessons we’d like to share with you.Guest author Julien Dorra organized the first ArtGame weekend in Paris with Nod-a and Silicon Sentier. Charlotte and Howie Liu assisted in the editing.1: “With more time, we would have created a less good game,”Brice RoyHaving a tight time constraint forces you to find the core idea, the thing you can’t do without. Constraints are good for creativity – they make you create better artwork, better games, better projects.DIY color test chart with sticky notes for Balade2: Starting to build something answers all the questions about what to do next.Idea, prototype, test. Start to build something in small iterations, just like the Number32 team did. They started out with strictly no idea about what type of gameplay to use, but ended up adopting the one most appropriate to the small world they created. Iterate and you’ll end up answering your questions about what your creation must look like.3: You can build great teams out of complete strangers. Instantly.Here is the recipe for instant team building: Give each potential team member the opportunity to talk in front of everyone about what she likes and which ideas she wants to push further. Give some general directions about diversity and size in a team. Finally, just let everybody match themselves with the right team.4: Comfort, good food, and care help people focus on their creation.Create an environment where people don’t even have to think about getting food, Wi-Fi, and support because it’s already here when needed. When a full support team cares for you, you can focus more on your goals and how to attain them. Permanent test bench for Number325: “You need to lose a little time to gain more time,”Ebene ZolliEven when facing a brutal deadline, you don’t have to rush. Sleep and take breaks. You will more than regain the time spent. Jonathan Perret used the Pomodoro Technique to force himself to take five minutes breaks every 25 minutes. The result? He had an iPad artgame completed at the end of the weekend.6: Steps and goals are useful, but help people create ad-hoc processes as they go.You don’t need to set-up a full-blown methodology before starting. You do need to choose the right creative and organizational process for the task at hand. But as tasks change, you will need to change how you manage them too. Your methodology is an iterative creation.7: A team needs regular reality-checks by outsiders. Who is your coach?You will be blinded. You will lose sight of your core goals and objectives. Having an outsider asking you the right questions can help you stay on track. At ArtGame weekend, around 10 coaches and facilitators helped the teams get the most of the weekend.8: You can mix good competition with great cooperation. That is coopetition.Competing doesn’t mean working against others. Outcomes are far greater for everybody when you cooperate with your competitors — just look at the open source ecosystem. Find something that you and all your competitors can share and build in common, publicly.Sunday, presentation of Générations9: Hardware matters on mobile. Camera, accelerometers, multitouch changes everything.The hardware is the key to innovative software on mobile platforms, just as the browser is the key to innovative web apps. For example, gyroscopes will add a new level of precision in measuring how a mobile phone is moving.Keep an eye on hardware adoption. Beware of fragmentation.10: Working in the open brings help, attention, and fresh points of view.Obscurity is the real enemy for most of the new projects you want to launch. Be open and bring outsiders in. Working in an open way will get you more visibility, will push people to give you advice, and will make it easier to ask for help when needed.11: Bonus lesson: Networking is not exchanging business cards. It’s sharing views, goals, and experiences with people.Most networking events fail to really connect people. You gather business cards, maybe send an email or two… but really, you just don’t know the people you met, so what’s the point?When you share a real experience with others, be it at a Barcamp, online, or during an intense weekend of work and fun like the ArtGame weekend, you know the people, what they think, what they like, and what you could do together.You are networking at a far more profound level. Lead photo: The jury table, full of devices by Nirina Thibault. All other photos by Julien Dorra. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more


BJP releases first list of 45 candidates for Meghalaya

first_imgFormer Congress Minister A. L. Hek and ex-State president of NCP Sanbor Shullai, who crossed over recently, were among among 45 candidates named by the BJP on Friday for the Meghalaya Assembly polls. Soon after the release of the first list, State BJP president Shibun Lyngdoh’s sister Violet Lyngdoh walked out of the party along with her supporters and joined the National People’s Party (NPP), saying she was denied a ticket which was assured to her. The BJP, which is hoping to expand its footprint in the Northeast, is contesting all the 60 Assembly seats in the February 27 elections. The NPP, an ally of the BJP at the Centre and in Manipur, is contesting the polls separately. Ms. Violet, who is also an elected member of the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council from Khliehriat in East Jaintia Hills, joined the NPP along with the district president of the BJP, Balios Swer, and leaders from 42 booth committees in the district.She is likely to be given ticket from Khliehriat. “I have joined the NPP after I was denied the BJP ticket which was assured to me,” she told reporters. The State BJP president was not available for comments.last_img read more


Snowfall shuts Jammu-Srinagar highway

first_imgFresh snowfall was on Monday recorded in many areas of Jammu and Kashmir, leading to the closure of the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway for vehicular traffic.The snowfall, however, snapped Kashmir’s links with the rest of the country as the arterial Jammu-Srinagar National Highway was closed due to the accumulation of snow around Jawahar Tunnel in the Qazigund area. “Due to slippery road conditions and fresh snowfall at the Jawahar tunnel and other areas, the highway has been closed,” a senior traffic department official said.The traffic authorities have stopped vehicular movement at the Nagrota check post in Jammu and Qazigund.The snowfall also led to poor visibility at the Srinagar airport, disrupting the air traffic. “Current visibility is 600 metres and the runway is not available up to 10.30 am due snowfall. The situation will be reviewed after that,” an official of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) here said.This is the first major snowfall in Kashmir this winter, which was largely dry so far.There was some snowfall in early December last year and since then the weather has been mostly dry.According to the Meteorological (MeT) Department officials, the month of January was the driest in terms of rainfall in Kashmir in the past 38 years.The snowfall has led traffic snarls on all major roads as continuous snowfall has hampered the efforts of the authorities to clear the snow from roads, officials said.Meanwhile, the minimum temperature across the Valley stayed around the freezing point, except for Gulmarg, the skiing resort in north Kashmir where the mercury settled at minus 4.6 degrees Celsius.Kargil in the Ladakh region continued to be the coldest place in the state at minus 14 degrees Celsius, while nearby Leh town was also freezing at minus 11.3 degrees Celsius last night, the MeT officials said.last_img read more


Maharashtra to give leave to male staff for childcare

first_imgMale employees of the State government are now entitled to childcare leave in case their spouses are bedridden or incapacitated due to mental health problems and are unable to take care of the children. The State government on July 23 issued directions on sanctioning childcare leave to male employees. As per the government resolution issued on December 15, a male employee is eligible for leave for the exact period his wife is bedridden or is unable to take care of the children due to mental health problems. Teaching and non-teaching staff of zilla parishads, government-approved and aided primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, agriculture and non-agriculture universities and full-time teaching and non-teaching staff from the colleges affiliated to those universities also come within its purview. As per the original directions issued in July, the leave will be applicable to only the first two children of the employee who are below 18 years of age. The maximum limit of this leave would be 180 days and can be availed in three spells in a calendar year. The childcare leave can be linked to paternity leave as well. The leave cannot be taken as the right of the employee, but will be given only after due sanction from the authority. While officers on probation are not eligible for this leave, the rules said that in case of emergencies and serious condition of the child, a special childcare leave for the minimum period can be sanctioned and the probation period increased accordingly.last_img read more