The ceded of Sevilla do not earn their return to Nervión

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 6, 2020 Roque Mesa and Aleix Vidal are being protagonists in Leganés and Alavés respectively, but its performance is far from the necessary to belong to a team that aspires to the Champions League. If it was unlikely that anyone could return to Seville, his season is in charge of confirming it.The loan of Carlos Fernández to Granada is being the exception within the transfer policy of Seville. The canterano is making a name in Primera based on his good performances with Granada, where he has scored three goals and two assists. These numbers are not negligible in a newly promoted as the Nasrid team, especially if you consider that they are better than any of the nine of Seville in LaLiga. Diego Martínez is giving continuity to the work he did with Carlos Fernández when he directed Sevilla Atlético and his performance, at least, It is being worthy to open the debate of whether it should belong to the first squad of Nervión next season or not. Nor are the French Amadou and Gnagnon succeeding. The first, grabbed the title in Norwich after the first month of competition but has disappeared from the Premier League line-ups in the last six games. Gnagnon, meanwhile, played all the Europa League games with Rennes, who fell eliminated in the group stage, while in Ligue 1 he has not started since November 23.center_img Exceeded the equator of the season, the analysis of the performance of the players that Sevilla has given up confirms the success of having detached from them in summer. None of the players borrowed in summer is earning with his performance the return to Nervión, although this means that they are not being revalued and that replacing them next summer is again a problem.Especially bleeding are the cases of Arana and Kjaer in the Atalanta. The Brazilian has practically not played, while the Danish situation is “unsustainable” as his representative has recently stated. Gasperini, a coach of the Italians, points out that the problem of the captain of Denmark is that “he has a hard time interpreting our style of play.” From Italy ensures that Sampdoria, which needs a central, aims to be the new destination of the Nordic footballer, which would still have one more year left in Seville when he returns in June.last_img read more


Aging 20 years in quick motion: You can see the process thanks to the selfies of this photographer

first_imgNoah Kalina made an incredible 20-year projectTake a selfie every day with a neutral expressionThe result of the 20 years is part of a video The passage of time is something inevitable and influences all people. Changes in weight, wrinkles on the face, gray hair, there are many symptoms that may appear after the passing of the years. Showing how time affects a person is not easy to achieve, since the most recognized effects do not appear until several years have passed, however, the desire of an American artist motivated him to achieve it. Photographer Noah Kalina, from New York, made an incredible project for nothing more and nothing less than 20 years. During all this time, this artist dedicated himself to taking a photo of himself with a totally neutral facial expression, in order to show the world the great physical changes that occur over time.This project, whose author he dubbed “Everyday,” was the result of hard work and Noah’s perseverance over so many years. It began in January 2000 and although he already showed in previous years how his work was progressing, it was this week that he managed to reach 20 years in which every day he took a photo of himself. (embed) (/ embed) Youtube Video This work has inspired many people to carry out the same type of project to show their own bodily changes. Some have decided to follow in the footsteps of Noah Kalina and simply see their own aging, while others have wanted to show others as a gender change.center_img Comparative aging. Image: iStocklast_img read more


Saul’s gift of opportunity knocks out Liverpool and makes Atlético dream of the Champions Quarters

first_imgAfter weeks and weeks of analysis and projections, Atlético de Madrid decided that it also had a voice and vote in the Champions League knockout round against Liverpool. And, on the grass, it turned out that the mattresses not only looked the fearsome champion in force, but also challenged him with a pulse and bent his arm. And suddenly, team of the ‘Cholo’ Simeone travels to Anfield with advantage. There is nothing decided (just take a look back at Turin a year ago), but the mood blow is incalculable in the Metropolitan.The one who came out in all the photos was an old acquaintance, Saul. The lucky relationship of the ‘8’ with the goals in the big events had a new episode against the ‘reds’, manipulated during much of the game by an Atlético who knew how to exploit his weaknesses and block all his abundant dangers. In a demonstration of character, enduring the sections of Liverpool’s insistence and very successful in the counterattack, the rojiblanco team took the first assault of the fight. If the locals dreamed of a perfect start to the game, their wishes would probably have been less ambitious than what reality gave them: with only five minutes left, Saul, the one on the big occasions, found the ball loose in the small area After a rejection. The ‘8’ just had to push her inside. The VAR confirmed that the goal was legal and that Liverpool had to row. Klopp cost them. Before an opponent spurred by a boiling Metropolitan, the English team was without ideas against the defensive approach of Atletico. With Alexander-Arnold and Robertson of extremes, the ‘reds’ could only stockpile vertical play, a facet that mattresses dominate. Salah, Firmino and Mané tried, unsuccessfully, to find space, to breathe between defenders.In fact, it was Atlético who created a greater danger. The cons, taking advantage of the speed of Correa and Lemar (the surprise of the eleven of the ‘Cholo’) carried greater poison than the static of the ‘Pool’. First, a Lodi center that Robertson cleared in the last breath leaving Koke on the point of goal. Then, a shot from Morata granted by Van Dijk after a bad clearance and stopped Alisson.Half an hour had passed when Liverpool surfaced. The warnings were from Henderson and Fabinho with two shots too high from the front. And the scare for Atlético was through Salah, after a rebound play by Firmino and Mané. received in the area on his profile good. A death sentence … stopped by Felipe’s body.At the exit of the locker room, Atlético was about to return to grace. It was in two consecutive cons in which he did not enjoy the clairvoyance necessary to close the pass behind Correa and Llorente. And Liverpool tried to shake off the pressure by attacking fiercely. Mané was no longer there, which seemed ‘touched’, and Origi did not improve the landscape too much. Salah resumed hostilities, but his header went slightly off. Atletico, somewhat gripped as the minutes ran, was losing strength up and Liverpool began to gain meters. The feeling of overwhelm was real, but the ‘reds’ were inaccurate with the ball, obfuscated in the last meters. His usual solution, the vertical game, was never the right one. In those, Morata was 2-0, but alone, he finished himself in a great pass from Lodi. The ‘9’, which had rival giant Van Dijk in the air game, would later be injured. Vitolo and Diego Costa entered, and Klopp also took Salah away, who didn’t take it too well. Later, the German would do the same with Henderson, injured minutes after brushing the goal in a good filtration behind Lodi’s back.Time passed and the locals, who did not see Oblak perform any miracles, began to take a breath. With Liverpool dumped with more heart than head, those of Simeone could scratch against one another, but the lack of ideas and oxygen weighed on the legs of the ‘Cholo’ troop, which had already done its thing. The next battle will be in Anfield. An even greater challenge that will take Atlético to the limit. Data sheet: Atlético de Madrid: Oblak, Lodi, Vrsaljko, Felipe, Savic, Saúl, Thomas, Koke, Lemar (Llorente 46 ‘), Correa (Diego Costa 77’) and Morata (Vitolo 70 ‘).Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Henderson (Milner 79 ‘), Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah (Oxlade-Chamberlain 72’), Mané (Origi 46 ‘) and Firmino. Goals: 1-0 Saul (min 5)Referee: Szymon Marciniak, Polish. Yellow card with Mané, Joe Gomez and Correa Stadium: Metropolitan. 02/18/2020 – 22:53 | 23:28 – 02/18/20 Photo: EFE A goal of ‘8’ in the initial section gives victory to Simeone (1-0)The current champion was gray and without ideas in the MetropolitanAnfield, new challenge thinking about the history of Turinlast_img read more


The game on Fridays and Mondays in the League is up to the judge

first_img“On television on Mondays it is one of the most accepted matches. The spectators are usually 50% fans of the two clubs that play and the remaining 50% football fans. If you overlap schedules you have to divide those fans who watch football because they like it between two games. In addition, when taking advantage of channels that is not the usual one there are many times that they do not find out. Putting different schedules gives the clubs greater visibility, “said Miguel Ángel Pérez Vera. “The games on Monday of last season there were more than 270,000 spectators on average and now there are only 14,000 in the sports programs broadcast at that time. There is a lot of room to grow and demand that is not being met now.”González Cueto, a lawyer for the Federation, pointed out Vera’s report as a “cluster of speculation“For his part, he only contributed the expert opinion of a part of the interview to Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, in El Larguero where he spoke about the Coordination Agreement and the King Decree Law: “And if that agreement is not renewed, how would you do to put all the matches one after another, ten schedules? First you have to see if this agreement is not renewed. In case it is not renewed? I believe that Royal Decree Law 5/2015 allows us to put matches Friday and Monday, but hey, in the hypothetical case that the Royal Decree did not say so, it says so, as we would put them. I will have to remember that, we must be attentive to everything, in the contest of audiovisual rights, and I have said it in many media, but it is difficult for you to have so much memory for such technical issues, there is a new schedule that is Sunday at two in the afternoon. “Now, Judge Andrés Sánchez Magro, once he receives the conclusions of both parties (they have the deadline to send them in writing in 10-15 days) He will have to make the decision to grant LaLiga to play First matches on Fridays and Mondays or not. Last round between LaLiga and the Federation in court. The ‘Case Schedule’, led by Judge Sánchez Magro, has passed its second session in the Commercial Court No. 2. Both the employer and the federal entity contributed in the second session of this trial the reports of their experts so that it can be played or not First and Second matches on Fridays and Saturdays. Now, both parties have between 10 and 15 days to provide their conclusions in writing to the judge. Until the sentence issued by Sánchez Magro, the decision taken in the preview held in August is maintained, when in the injunction he decreed that it could be played on Fridays, but not on Mondays.Luis Borrel, the first of the experts to appear, stressed the importance of extending the time slots: “I understand that it does give advantage to other competitors that LaLiga cannot play on Fridays and Mondays. All leagues are growing more days a week. It has an impact on the impact National and international. You have a competitive damage. What is good for the operator is for the amateur, which is what demands it. “ “The tendency is to increase schedules, because operators are willing to give more. The Premier League does schedule games in the same time zone, “ He responded to the defense. “Expanding their schedules gives more value. This happens in all leagues. All have been expanding schedules and content. They complement the demand of operators and fans. If the amounts change there may be a lower return and it can damage credibility. If you reduce the matches the buyer can trust less for the next sale and reduce its value. In addition, for small teams, audiovisual rights is the great source of revenue, about 80%. ““In a Valencia-Atlético that was played on Monday there was better attendance than the average Mestalla had, “said Miguel Ángel Pérez Vera. This expert and worker of LaLiga explained to the judge how the schedules of each day are set: “We created a tool for the competition department that has more than 70 variables to maximize the schedules and that is for when the maximum possible assistance is given and of spectators. ” “Mondays is the day when there is the greatest television consumption. The day with the most viewers in front of the television during prime time. The Premier League is taking advantage of this season that we cannot put on Monday matches, “he continues.. In addition, he assured that the presence of matches of matches of the highest category does not negatively influence modest football: “The dispute between Second and Second B matches has no impact. Even in the first or second stop weeks, attendance at matches of Second B was lower. “last_img read more


Fonseca: “If a match is postponed, all must be postponed”

first_imgThe Portuguese Paulo Fonseca, coach of Rome, expressed his respect and confidence in the Lega of the Serie A, which decided on Saturday to postpone five meetings of the twenty-sixth day, but considered that “if a match is postponed, all must be postponed” .The Lega of the Serie A communicated this Saturday, a few hours before the start of the day, that the Juventus Turin-Inter, Milan-Genoa, Parma-Spal, Sassuolo-Brescia and Udinese-Fiorentina matches will be played on May 13 because of the alarm for the coronavirus, which caused 21 deaths and more than 800 confirmed infected. “The authorities are trying to make the best possible decisions at this time. I trust the competent authorities. It’s a problem, but we must all think that the authorities are doing their best, “said Fonseca, in the press conference prior to the match against Roma against Cagliari, which will be played on Sunday.The commitment of Rome is one of the five that will be disputed, not being in areas considered “high risk” of contagion, next to Lazio-Bologna, Naples-Torino, this Saturday; Lecce-Atalanta, Sunday, and Sampdoria-Verona.“To have no doubts about sports regularity, I believe that if a game is played, then you have to play them all. Or if a game is postponed, you have to postpone them all,” said Fonseca, whose team will rival Sevilla in the eighths Final of the Europa League.last_img read more


Rafa Nadal has 17 years earning at least one ATP title

first_imgRafa Nadal made historical past after successful his third title at the Telcel de Acapulco Mexican Open. That is the 85th trophy for the Balearic within the ATP circuit, which additionally prolonged an unattainable run for a lot of ATP gamers.With the title in Acapulco Nadal accumulates 17 years in a row earning at least one ATP circuit title, by fifteen consecutive seasons of Novak Djokovic, which premiered its honors in 2006, and the 15 that Roger Federer chained between 2001 and 2015 till in 2016 he didn’t add any title to his medal winners (if he has gained trophies in 2017, 2018 and 2019). Subsequent, we evaluate, 12 months after 12 months, the titles conquered by Rafa Nadal in these 17 years.Rafa Nadal premiered his medal winners in August 2004, when he overcame Sopot’s clay within the ultimate towards Argentine José Acasuso. It might be the start of the Balearic idyll with the clay, as it could present within the 2005, attaining 11 titles, eight of them on clay, together with their first Roland Garros. In 2006 Nadal premiered in Dubai whereas revalidating the crown in a number of clay tournaments, together with in Paris, so as to add 5 titles that season. In 2007 Nadal added his first victory in Indian Wells to which he can be accompanied by one other 5 titles on clay, together with one other Roland Garros.The season 2008 was very particular for Nadal, because the conquest of his fourth Roland Garros was added his first victory in Wimbledon and the Olympic gold in Beijing 2008. The next season Nadal would conquer his solely title up to now within the Australian Open though it could be the primary time Roland Garros wouldn’t win since competing in Paris. ANDn 2010 Nadal would recuperate by conquering three Grand Slam in the identical season: Roland Garros, Wimbledon and its first US Open with which he managed to shut the Grand Slam.Nadal retained the scepter in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Roland Garros in 2011 and 2012 earlier than your knee harm. After this break Nadal accomplished a Nice 2013 during which he added 10 titles with 5 Masters 1,000, Roland Garros and US Open. Nadal would repeat success at Roland Garros in 2014 though in 2015 and 2016 he wouldn’t succeed within the clay of Paris, however he would do it in Buenos Aires, Monte Carlo or Barcelona amongst others. After his harm to the psoas iliaco, NAdal returned with extra pressure in 2017, sweeping the land season, the place he regained the throne in Roland Garros, and likewise added his third US Open. In 2018 Nadal shone once more on the clay of Roland Garros and within the 1,000 Masters of Canada and in 2019 Nadal added two extra Grand Slam in Roland Garros and within the US Open. The title of Acapulco inaugurates the medal winners on this 2020 of a Rafa Nadal who will search to proceed attaining successes this season.Rafa Nadal ATP titles, 12 months by 12 months2004: Sopot2005: Costa do Sauipe, Acapulco, Masters 1,000 of Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Rome, Roland Garros, Bastad, Stuttgart, Masters 1,000 Canada, Beijing and Masters 1,000 Madrid2006: Dubai, Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Rome and Roland Garros2007: Masters 1,000 Indian Wells, Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Rome, Roland Garros and Stuttgart2008: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Hamburg, Roland Garros, Queen’s, Wimbledon, Masters 1,000 Canada and Olympic Video games2009: Australian Open, Masters 1,000 Indian Wells, Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Masters 1,000 Rome2010: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Masters 1,000 Rome, Masters 1,000 Madrid, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open and Tokyo2011: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Roland Garros2012: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Rome and Roland Garros2013: Sao Paulo, Acapulco, Masters 1,000 Indian Wells, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Madrid, Masters 1,000 Rome, Roland Garros, Masters 1,000 Canada, Masters 1,000 Cincinnati and US Open2014: Doha, Rio de Janeiro, Masters 1,000 Madrid and Roland Garros2015: Buenos Aires, Stuttgart and Hamburg2016: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo and Barcelona2017: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Madrid, Roland Garros, US Open and Beijing2018: Masters 1,000 Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Masters 1,000 Rome, Roland Garros and Masters 1,000 Canada2019: Masters 1,000 Rome, Roland Garros, Masters 1,000 Canada and US Open2020: Acapulcolast_img read more