Is BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit weighed down by rising state-based T20 leagues?

first_imgIs BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit weighed down by rising state-based T20 leagues?While the BCCI has continued the practice of maintaining dedicated integrity officers for each franchise in IPL, it has been unable to follow the practice in state T20 leagues.advertisement Next Rasesh Mandani MumbaiSeptember 17, 2019UPDATED: September 17, 2019 21:43 IST BCCI’s anti-corruption unit is investigating cases of alleged match-fixing in TNPL (Tamil Nadu Premier League Photo)HIGHLIGHTSBCCI has initiated inquiry over alleged corruption in Tamil Nadu Premier LeagueThere have been reports of fixers approaching some players in TNPLBCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) keeps a watch on all state-based T20 leagues and the IPLOver half-a-dozen corrupt approaches have been made to cricketers during the course of this season’s Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). The Board of Control for Cricket in India’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) as well as Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) are inquiring into the matter.But TNPL, best known for unearthing talent for IPL, is suddenly facing credibility crisis. Although BCCI’s ACSU itself monitored proceedings this year; a first in the league’s four year old history. Which begs the question, does the BCCI ACSU has too much on its plate with more and more state units formulating their own T20 leagues?. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Saurashtra and Mumbai Cricket Associations have their T20 leagues going and more are in the pipeline.Former anti-corruption unit chief of ICC, Ravi Sawani thinks so. “BCCI doesn’t have full time employability for these kinds of leagues nor the supervisory resource. Maybe in future they will look at it,” Sawani told India Today.Currently the BCCI’s anti-corruption wing, headed by former Rajasthan DGP Ajit Singh Shekhawat, is eight members strong. The ACU chief has sought five to six more intelligence officers and some additional staff but the recruitment is still in the works.As a result, the BCCI’s ACU has been unable to keep a designated officer with each franchise, as has been the practice in the past.”Till last year we were following a system where we had dedicated integrity officers for each team in TNPL. Officers used to travel with the team, stay with them, develop rapport, build confidence so that they can share anything that is amiss in the system. For some reason that has been stopped,” Sawani said.advertisementSawani’s private security company was employed by the TNPL as well as Karnataka Premier League (KPL) until the BCCI decided to bring all anti-corruption cricket operations, including IPL, under its ACU’s purview, last year. The IPL was earlier overseen by ICC’s anti-corruption unit.The decision taken by BCCI’s Committee of Administrators (CoA) was driven by recommendations of Justice Mudgal committee as well as Lodha committee which discouraged use of ICC’s anti-corruption wing for IPL. The committee’s argument was the ICC’s anti-corruption officers would report to the ICC and not BCCI.While the BCCI continued the practice of maintaining dedicated integrity officers for each franchise in IPL, it has been unable to follow the practice in state T20 leagues.BCCI’s ACU Chief Ajit Singh however, does not agree the operational change would make a difference. “We had four officers there who covered each and every game and stayed in the team hotels. So it’s not just manpower that is required. You have to develop information sources, develop confidence and take exemplary action where required,” Singh told India Today.The other handicap in having fixed integrity officers for state leagues revolves around budgeting. “The fact is even the franchisees are operating on low budget. We can’t have dedicated officer for each team like IPL.”The BCCI ACU is spread out during the competition,” TNPL Governing Council Chairman PS Raman clarified.Sheer manpower may not clinch BCCI its anti-corruption drive but with more and more of its state units exploring the T20 league idea to generate revenue, the susceptibility quotient as well as pressure on its ACU continues to rise.For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow BCCIFollow TNPLFollow BCCI’s Anti-Corruption UnitFollow Tamil Nadu Premier LeagueFollow Karnataka Premier Leaguelast_img read more


The London No. 1 Gin

first_imgIf history has taught us anything, it’s that all things run in cycles. (Though if you ask Michael Corleone, history has taught him something different.) Gin, once one of the most popular post-War liquors, is back in style once again.Though there are a variety of small batch gins being made in America and elsewhere across the globe, to many, gin will always be associated with the United Kingdom (even if the liquor was invented in Holland). There’s just something about the image of sophisticated Brits quaffing gin and tonics and martinis that are “shaken, not stirred.”That’s why we are thrilled with The London No. 1 Gin, which is a triple distilled gin that comes right from England. Made by Master Distiller Charles Maxwell—an eighth generation gin-maker—The London No. 1 Gin is distilled in small batch pot stills with twelve key botanicals (juniper, angelica root, savory, coriander, cassia bark, liquorice, cinnamon, almond, lemon peel, orange peel, lily root, and bergamot.  At first smell, London No. 1 gin is almost overpowering with its floral notes on the nose.However, upon tasting the gin, you will see that all of the botanicals come into play with each passing second. First there is an intense warmth, which rises through your mouth—that most likely comes from the cinnamon (without any kind of real cinnamon flavor). Then, the cooler flavors of juniper, the lemon and orange peels, as well as the subtle touch of liquorice tie the flavor of the liquor together and you can actual taste the sweetness at the back of your tongue as the effect of the spirit lifts after each sip. You may not feel the same way, but with the variety of flavors in The London No. 1, there is a certain enjoyment to just pouring the gin neat over ice and savoring each floral effect.What sets The London No. 1 apart,though (aside from its complex flavor and British citizenship), is its color.  You’ll notice that London No. 1 is a pale shade of turquoise. That’s not the effect of the bottle—like, say, Bombay Sapphire—that is how the liquor appears. This effect is achieved by using gardenia flowers and a final infusion of bergamot oil. The result is a very appealing looking and tasting gin.Whether you’re a gin aficionado or a tentative gin sipper, this product of England is certainly a spirit you’re going to want to spend at least a little time getting to know better. Editors’ Recommendations The Best American Gin 11 Best Gins for a Refreshing Gin and Tonic 10 Best Gins Under $20: Just Add Tonic The Manual Spirit Awards 2019: The Best Craft Liquor Made in America Stirred or Shaken? How to Make a Perfect Vodka Martinilast_img read more


Don’t Dread It: 5 Tips for Packing Your Suitcase

first_imgAs soon as you book your next trip, you’re likely going to start dreading the process of packing. Whether you’re leaving for a few days or a month-long vacation, packing is the least excitable part of any travel excursion. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a laborious, irritating process. Here are five tips for packing your suitcase efficiently without wanting to forget the trip altogether.1. Roll it.Sounds crazy, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Rolling your pants and shirts can save a substantial amount of space in your suitcase. Furthermore, it’s an effective way to make sure that your clothing doesn’t get (too) wrinkly when it’s squeezed into a tight compartment. Begin by folding the clothing item vertically to reduce its width, then roll it from the bottom, up. Once it’s compact, place it into the suitcase, and voila!2. Don’t say no to backpacks.A backpack may not be the most fashionable item to have on you while you travel, but it can be one of the most helpful ones as you look to pack efficiently.Related: Backpacks for All“My carry-on is a sturdy backpack (made to carry a computer),” says Bitsy Kelly, world traveler and vice president of Corporate Communications for Outrigger Hotel & Resorts. “This leaves my hands free to carry tickets/jackets/coffee when going through airports. It can also substitute as my ‘personal’ item thus allowing me to carry a larger carry-on bag when needed.”3. Pack disposable items.Think of items that you can possibly throw away once you’re finished using them – bottles of shampoo, soap or lotion.“This is a great weight saver on the way back if you pick up things on your trip,” says Jeremy Clement, founder of ProjectExpedition.com, an online travel marketplace.4. Use your shoes wisely.When you pack your shoes into your suitcase, don’t just forget about them – use them to your advantage. Place smaller items into your shoes, such as jewelry and charging cables, to save space in your suitcase. Fill them with socks and other accessories that would otherwise need another spot in your bag.5. Make a list.It sounds like a tedious task (and one that you might not want to do), but a list can end up saving you an ample amount of space at the end of the day. By making a list, you’ll have everything you need laid out in front of you. This can reduce the odds of over-packing and make sure that you don’t forget key items like undergarments. As an added bonus, list making can limit the amount of stress around your trip as a whole.Whether you’re traveling half way across the world or just a hundred miles away, your suitcase doesn’t have to be your worst enemy. These five tips can help you rethink the packing process and become a pro at traveling efficiently on a regular basis. Where to Find Artwork to Match Your Style How to Thrift Like a Pro: Tips for Making the Most of Secondhand Style 14 Best Outdoor Stores in the United States How to Pack a Dopp Kit (aka Toiletry Bag) for When You Won’t be Sleeping at Home How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more


Bone Broth in a Fruit Smoothie? It’s Actually Really Good.

first_img How to Smoke Meat: Everything You Need to Know Okay, before you lose your mind (or your breakfast/lunch/dinner), let’s go ahead and get something out of the way. We know how the words “bone broth smoothie” sound: like something Leatherface would make before going out to terrorize people on the dusty landscape of Texas. But, if you’ve ever had any number of Asian dishes or, hell, if you’ve ever had a Hawaiian pizza, you’ve had some combination of meat and sweet before. Sure, the texture is different in those cases than with a bone broth smoothie, but the principles of the flavor still apply.We’ll admit, when we first saw this recipe, we were skeptical too. Mango is great. Bone broth is also tasty (more on bone broth here). But the two together? Well, we weren’t so sure. Maybe it was a texture thing. Maybe it was the idea of the flavors extracted from the bones of chickens mixing with the paradisiacal delight of a ripe mango. Maybe it was just the words “bone broth smoothie.” Whatever the reason, there was trepidation when we first made it.Osso Good Bone Broth/FacebookBut then we got to thinking about the ideas mentioned above. Could it actually work? Would it be more than just a source of protein and vitamins? Would it actually taste good? There was only one way to find out.With some hesitation, we dropped the partially-defrosted broth into the blender with the mango. We BAM’ed it with a little bit of sea salt and we were off. Needless to say, we were surprised. If you’ve got a ripe enough mango, the flavors of the chicken are fairly subtle. The saltiness of the broth comes through and melds with the sweet, tropical mango flavors in a really pleasant way.If you’re looking for a way to mix up your morning smoothie routine, this is a good option. You’re getting similar amounts of protein and vitamins as you would if you were using spinach and kale, but instead of an earthy, green flavor, you’ll find your palate dancing as it would if you were eating a tropical dinner.Mango Bone Broth Smoothie How to Drink Absinthe and Live to Tell the Tale How to Make Loco Moco, a Hawaiian Staple Dish Are Fermented Pizzas a Trend to Watch? We Asked a Pro to Find Out center_img Editors’ Recommendations (Servings: 2)Ingredients:20 oz partially frozen pouch of Osso Good Chicken Bone Broth1 ripe, medium-large mangoCeltic sea saltMethod:Blend together all ingredients until smooth. Serve immediately. Stirred or Shaken? How to Make a Perfect Vodka Martinilast_img read more


Mobile Justice Unit goes to Mt. Salem

first_imgThe Mobile Justice Unit of the Legal Aid Council will this month be making two stops in Mount Salem, St. James, where the Government has declared the first Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO).The first stop will be on Wednesday, September 13 at the Mount Salem Community Centre, and the second will be a Justice Fair at the Mount Salem Resource Centre on September 27.These stops have been included in the Unit’s scheduled visits for September and are intended to provide the community with legal aid services and guidance on a range of civil and criminal matters.Executive Director of the Legal Aid Council, Hugh Faulkner, said legal services form a critical part of the programme of social intervention strategies being advanced by the Government in the community at this time.“We are making sure that our services are available for persons who need assistance of a legal nature or who may have any concerns about their liberty as the security measures are carried out,” he explained.Other locations to be visited by the Mobile Justice Unit are Gordon Pen, St. Catherine on September 12, at the Gordon Pen Early Childhood Centre; Homestead, St. Catherine, on September 19, at the Homestead Community Centre; and Parade Gardens in Kingston on September 21, at the Parade Gardens Community Centre.The Mobile Justice Unit will also be at the Social Development Commission (SDC) Young Male Social and Empowerment Fair at the Excelsior Community College on Mountain View Avenue, in Kingston, on September 21.On September 7, the Unit visited Whitehall in Negril, Westmoreland. Some 700 persons have so far benefitted from the service islandwide.The Legal Aid Council has an annual mandate to visit 50 communities with the Mobile Justice Unit, which was launched in January.The Mobile Justice Unit is supported by the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) III, which is administered through the Ministry of National Security.last_img read more


Residents Work on More Than 190 Projects in Western Jamaica

first_img The parish hosted one of the two national projects at the St. Ann’s Bay Infant School, where a ramp was installed as well as other refurbishing work carried out. Work was carried out on Labour Day, May 23 on more than 190 projects registered across the parishes of St. James, Hanover, St. Ann, Trelawny, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth. Work was carried out on Labour Day, May 23 on more than 190 projects registered across the parishes of St. James, Hanover, St. Ann, Trelawny, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth.In St. James, residents came out to work on more than 58 projects, with the major focus on Lethe Primary and Infant School and the St. James Type V clinic.This was in keeping with the national focus on repairing health centres and building ramps in schools under the theme ‘Ramp it Up…Fix it Up’.The work undertaken involved construction of rails and ramps, painting of exterior walls and repairs to bathroom facilities, among others. The parking lot at the health centre was also remodeled and a chain link fence installed at the school.Additionally, the parish staged its annual floral tribute in honour of the Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe, who was hanged in Sam Sharpe Square on May 23 for his role in the 1831 Christmas rebellion.In Westmoreland, where 36 projects were registered, residents came out to install a ramp at the Little London Post Office. The grounds of the facility were also paved.The parish of Hanover also had full support for its Labour Day activities. Scores of persons turned out to assist with work at the Kingsvale Health Centre, where a ramp was built, the building painted, doors replaced, desks and chairs repaired, and flood lights installed.In Trelawny, the Falmouth Health Centre was also fitted with a ramp, the driveway paved, exterior walls painted and the property beautified.Parish Manager, Trelawny Health Services, Lorene Whinstanley, expressed her gratitude for the partnership with the Trelawny Municipal Corporation.“We value the partnership and just trust that the community will appreciate the effort being made and will do everything to keep our facilities as comfortable as we try to make them,” she said.Over in St. Ann, major improvement work was carried out on the Teachers’ Cottage at the Free Hill Primary School, where the walls were stripped and painted, the roof replaced, overgrown vegetation cut and areas whitewashed.The parish hosted one of the two national projects at the St. Ann’s Bay Infant School, where a ramp was installed as well as other refurbishing work carried out. This was in keeping with the national focus on repairing health centres and building ramps in schools under the theme ‘Ramp it Up…Fix it Up’. Story Highlightslast_img read more


Unemployment Falls to Record Low of 8.4 Per Cent

first_img STATIN said the decline is mainly attributable to an increase in the number of persons employed and a simultaneous reduction in the number of persons in the labour force. The country’s unemployment rate has fallen to a new record low of 8.4 per cent, according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) Labour Force Survey for July 2018. The country’s unemployment rate has fallen to a new record low of 8.4 per cent, according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) Labour Force Survey for July 2018.This out-turn is 1.3 per cent lower than the 9.7 per cent recorded for the April 2018 Survey. It is also 2.9 percentage points lower than the rate of 11.3 per cent for July 2017.STATIN said the decline is mainly attributable to an increase in the number of persons employed and a simultaneous reduction in the number of persons in the labour force.The Institute noted that the July 2018 out-turn reflects a fall in the rate for males, down 2.2 percentage points to 5.8 per cent, and females, down 3.8 percentage points to 11.4 per cent.Additionally, STATIN said the unemployment rate among youth, aged 14 to 24, decreased by 5.3 per cent to 22.2 per cent, relative to the 27.5 per cent out-turn recorded in July 2017.This, the Institute noted, was influenced by a decline in the number of young people in the labour force.The agency indicated that the rate for both genders declined by 5.2 per cent in July 2018, with the figure for males falling to 17.4 per cent compared to 28.1 per cent for females.The agency pointed out that the number of unemployed persons declined by 27.7 per cent to 111,800.This reflected a 28.6 per cent decrease in the number of unemployed males to 41,800 and a 27.2 per cent fall in the number of unemployed females to 70,000. The total number of unemployed youth decreased by 14,600 persons to 45,200.Meanwhile, STATIN said the overall number of employed individuals rose to 1,226,400 as at July 2018, representing an increase of 12,800 persons.A breakdown of the figures shows that the number of males employed increased by 5,900 to 681,800, while female employment rose by 6,900 to 544,600.STATIN advised that the total labour force stood at 1,338,200 persons, a decrease of 2.2 per cent in July 2018, compared to the corresponding period last year.“Accordingly, the participation rate declined from 65.5 per cent to 64 per cent. The male labour force, which comprised 723,600 persons in July 2018 decreased by 1.5 per cent relative to July 2017 while the female labour force decreased by three per cent to 614,600 persons,” a STATIN statement outlined. Story Highlights This out-turn is 1.3 per cent lower than the 9.7 per cent recorded for the April 2018 Survey. It is also 2.9 percentage points lower than the rate of 11.3 per cent for July 2017.last_img read more


Tuco Introduces New FRB and Daughter Crafts

first_imgzoom Tuco Marine Group (Tuco) has developed a new series of vessels consisting of 16 boat models designed especially for the most critical and tough working conditions at sea.With the development of the new ProZero series Tuco has focused on innovation and on minimizing the weight of the vessels in the three segments: “Search and Rescue”, “Military and Police” and “Workboats”. Tuco expects that the average weight of these types of boats can be reduced by 30 percent.The core idea of the ProZero series is to create a product that will be competitive not only when it comes to the weight, but also on parameters like delivery time and customization according to customer demands.“The module based design makes it possible for us to give our customers a product that can be customized according to their needs and with a relatively short delivery time compared to the market average,” said Jonas Pedersen, the Managing Director at Tuco.The low weight of the ProZero series will cause a significant reduction in fuel consumption which will again make the emission of both CO2 and NoX lower.At the same time the vessels will have a longer range and will be able to travel further distances.Furthermore the ProZero series has been optimized for lifts with davits and other types of cranes. According to international standards, large motherships are required to have rescue vessels on board.The davits and cranes necessary for lifting the rescue vessels can be bought in a smaller rendition which reduces both the costs and the weight of the motherships. Another alternative is to choose a larger Daughter Craft.All the vessels of the ProZero series meet the standards of the classification system of DNV, and can be customized to fit the demands of other classification companies if needed.The standard boats of the series range in length between 6,5-16 meters and in width between 2,8-4,3 meters. May 28, 2014last_img read more


Ro-Ro Ship Runs Aground off Kinsarvik, Norway

first_imgzoom The 107- meter long Multi-Purpose/Ro-Ro cargo ship Norrland with 12 crew onboard is reported to have hit a sandy shallow causing the vessel to run aground offshore Kinsarvik, Norway.The Norrland was heading to Boliden Odda from Haugesund when the grounding occurred.There were no injuries or pollution reported.The extent of the damage is about to be inspected by state divers.The vessel was refloated with the assistance of a tug and anchored near Ullensvang, where it is pending inspection, after which it would be able to resume its voyage.Antigua & Barbuda-flagged vessel was built in 1990 and is owned and operated by German shipping company Brise Bereederung. World Maritime News Staff; September 02, 2014last_img read more


ABB Bags Innovation of the Year Award

first_imgzoom Power and automation technology group ABB has won the “Innovation of the Year” award recognizing the company’s new Azipod D electric propulsion system for its important contribution to advancing modern shipping.ABB, which was also named Propulsion Manufacturer of the Year for a second consecutive year, collected the honors this week during the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.The winner was selected by an international jury consisting of 38 maritime journalists, industry experts and academics who recognized the Azipod D’s higher flexibility, reliability and energy efficiency.“We are delighted that our latest addition to ABB’s electric propulsion portfolio is recognized as Innovation of the Year, and that electric propulsion continues to grow many times faster than the world’s fleet,” said Peter Terwiesch, President of ABB’s Process Automation division.“The flexibility and fuel efficiency of electric propulsion is a key enabler to performance and competitiveness in shipping.”The Azipod D requires up to 25 percent less installed power partly due to the new hybrid cooling that increases the performance of the electric motor by up to 45 percent. ABB’s Azipod D propulsion power ranges from 1.6 megawatts to 7 megawatts (MW) per unit.last_img read more