Join the selected Hetao Liquor liquor business

exhibition liquor industry style, but also look at the liquor Hetao wine, would like to know how the brand, look at the following specific introduction.

12 10, "e loop" forever friends for activities held in Hetao Hetao Hetao Liquor Group, ten from around the country on behalf of users visit, arrived in the Hetao Liquor wine selection activities. On behalf of users visit live live via the mobile phone , about 4000000 of users through the broadcast "personal" enjoy the scenic national 4A level hetaoliquor style, visited the exhibition hall, the first North of the first pit pit, North Chinese million tons of original wine storage area, packaging workshop, the princess Quan, Inner Mongolia wine culture museum and other scenic spots. Netizens especially on more than 9000 models of brewing pits and mechanization, clean, China first North cellar spectacular feel shocked. read more


Furniture stores to do preparatory work for what the whole

furniture is currently doing a good job of the project, many investors want to invest in the furniture industry, do a good job in the shop before the preparatory work, so as to better open their own business. So, open the furniture store, what need to do preparatory work? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

to do a lot of detailed market survey in select markets before, to enter the analysis and forecast, must not blindly into the light, furniture stores need to do preparatory work for what? To choose half of the success is equal to the market for furniture, furniture stores, the market environment is not changed, is not controllable factors, the market environment is not controllable, but optional, furniture franchise store can choose in line with their actual situation of good market read more


A public officer in Linyi City usury video circulated on the nternet nternet

recently in Linyi, people are aware of the real name of public officials to report the loan on the Internet, causing users to discuss. Claiming to be a person of Shandong Linyi Liu Jiang said, Shandong Province, the economic development zone of public officials usury, her own long source Asset Management Co was caught in a loan dispute.

400 3 months out of 3 million 110 thousand million of principal interest "and" public officials to collect usury and receive business owners business banquets, recently, Ms. Liu Jianghan Shandong Linyi, released a period of up to 6 minutes of video , local officials real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing usury, things turned out to be a cause of seemingly ordinary mutual loan contract. read more


What are the investment industry has a promising future

business is now the choice of many people, some but not all entrepreneurs are able to entrepreneurial success, industry choice is the key, the ideal business people in mind, such as project investment on the market, always know the investment choice decide on what path to follow, it directly related to the success or failure of investment. Now, in the end what is the easiest to gold?

read more


Careful management can multi source

business is good or bad, and whether there is a source of tourists, but there is a very big relationship. So, if you want to do a good business hot, nature also need to attract tourists under the great effort. So, how can we let the shop has more customers? Small series suggest that the owners who may wish to operate.

continues to lose potential customers have mixed feelings.

due to the geographical location of Shandong, Linyi, known as the city of Commerce, logistics capital, where foreign business, many workers. My store is located in the junction of main roads in urban and rural areas of Linyi, around ninety percent workers from the plant row upon row of, the south, and now they are my shop consumption of the main force. read more


Join the fresh tea tea Benko how net

fresh milk tea, in our lives, has been a concern of choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Benko fresh tea tea, is a very good choice. High quality milk tea, the best choice for worry free business!

fresh tea Benko pointed out that with more people on the spiritual life of the increasing demand, the tea market has been quietly rising in china. Benko fresh tea teahouse is different from manual production of a large number of extensive, retain the original tea maximum nutrition, so Benko fresh tea shop business is booming, naturally attracted many investors to join. read more


How much does it cost to join the children’s Park

children’s healthy and happy growth, is our best choice. No doubt, entrepreneurial choice to join the children’s paradise project, is a very powerful choice. Quality projects, worry free business, worthy of trust. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

children’s paradise industry in recent years, the development is very rapid, the major children’s paradise brand sprung up in the streets. Therefore, the children’s paradise industry has become a favorite project for many investors. So, the cost of joining the children’s paradise is how much they want to know. After all, only to understand how much the cost of joining the children’s paradise, in order to do a good job of capital preparation, to avoid problems caused by lack of funds. So the question is, how much is the cost of joining the children’s paradise?! read more


Rest Pavilion tea shop how to join the

we have a Chinese ancient phenomenon that every fault distance will be provided with a pavilion, for the road to rest. Now the traffic developed now do not need to set what Changting, but we still need the leisure catering shops.

is still surprised by the rapid success of others? Are you still looking for a project to worry about? Join the rest Pavilion tea shop, all your problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. The pavilion tea taste is pure, the market prospect is a good rest, the majority of entrepreneurs get rich quick not to miss a good project. read more


Eight key work to benefit people’s livelihood

February 11th, the province’s educational work conference held. Governor Hao Peng made important instructions on education work: "for the current meter, for long-term. The relevant departments at all levels of government and education to further enhance their understanding, to give priority to the development of education in a more prominent strategic position, strong foundation, improve the weak, efforts to expand the coverage of pre-school education, consolidate and improve the ‘two’ achievements, and actively promote the reform of the examination enrollment system, accelerate the construction of modern occupation education system, promote the transformation and development. To strengthen the quality of personnel training, solid work, forge ahead, to accelerate the modernization of education, and strive to improve the quality of the population, let the children get more opportunities to change the fate of." Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Ma Shunqing speech at the general assembly and the 8 aspects of the province’s education in 2015 focused on the deployment of the work of the top three.
[] kindergarten crunch remains a serious problem in our province has formed in the public kindergarten as the main body, the public and private kindergarten common development of preschool education pattern. However, as an important part of the national education system, preschool education is still a weak link in the province’s education, and is facing many difficulties and problems. Currently, the province is still more than 50 thousand preschool children can not be admitted into the park, the problem is still difficult to park. The province’s preschool teachers and students than 1:33, compared with the national 1:9 standard gap is obvious. There is a big gap between the level of preschool education and the level of education.
[strategy: accelerate the popularization of preschool education in 2015], our province will focus on strengthening the construction of teachers is: the establishment of long-term mechanism of preschool education teachers, through special subsidies, government procurement of services, student financial allocation etc., break the bottle neck problem of preschool teacher shortage. Support to solve the problem of public kindergarten teachers, rural collective kindergarten teachers pay, and gradually achieve equal pay for equal work. Continue to take a variety of ways to carry out large-scale national and provincial training to enhance the professional quality of the province’s early childhood education team. The two is to promote the equalization of public services in preschool education: pre-school education will be included in the budget, increase local financial investment, the main responsibility for the effective implementation of pre-school education investment, establish kindergarten run funds safeguard mechanism, to ensure the normal operation of the kindergarten.
2 on the loss of children looking back
[status: consolidate the quottwo basicsquotis arduous task] in our province in 2011 through the acceptance of the "two basics". In 2014 nine years of compulsory education in our province the consolidation rate of 66.62%, compared with the province "12th Five-Year" education plan in 2015 to reach 98% goals, a difference of 30 percentage points, the consolidation of the quottwo basicsquotis arduous task.
[countermeasures: responsibility for the loss of their children back] first, governments at all levels should attach great importance to kongchuo Bao, to consolidate the rate control to ensure a reasonable interval, fighting a battle to consolidate compulsory education. Second, it is necessary to accurately classify and analyze the reasons for students to reduce the problem, identify the crux of the problem, precise force, develop practical work; read more