The first national expert service base in Qinghai

days ago, approved by the Ministry of human resources and social security, Key Laboratory of construction of Sanjiang plateau and the source of ecological agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of Qinghai University became the first national expert service base in our province.

in order to further deepen the work of expert services, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security of the State Department of human resources and social affairs to declare the establishment of a national expert service base. The expert service base as experts and grassroots need docking, an important carrier and platform for leading experts to serve the grassroots, to innovative talents of high level flexible flow mechanism, the organization to guide the experts with professional advantage, to help the grassroots gathering resources for innovation, breakthroughs in key technologies, to optimize the industrial structure, cultivation of talents, to accelerate innovation and drive the development of supply base talent and intelligence support. read more

The construction of internal control mechanism in Xining City District

in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of violations of tax laws and regulations, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation in the near future to give full play to the tax law and discipline violations of the provisions of the guiding role, and effectively avoid the risk of tax law enforcement.

The IRS in

District of Xining City, earnestly implement the "tax violations of regulations", strict discipline personnel accountability, accurate understanding, replicability, mastery and correct implementation. By investigating the case, there are serious research and find loopholes in the tax work and prone to tax violations of the weak links, strengthen tax law, actively improve the tax system, plug the loopholes, to prevent and reduce tax violations fundamentally occur. (author: Chen Qingxin)
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Xining police destroyed a manufacturing and selling false dens and arrested 2 suspects

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau North Branch destroyed 1 of manufacturing and selling false dens, arrested 2 suspects.

16 in December 25, 2010, according to the clues, the police in the East District of Xining City Bayi Road will be making and selling false personnel Zhu captured, seized a car false license plate 1 vice, after Zhu wife danmou arrested the 2 tenant in the East District of Cao village house seized fake ID 9, false seal 1030 and a large number of certificates. At present, the suspect Zhu has been under criminal detention, the stone was 5 days of administrative detention. read more

Qinghai delegation to consider the two high work report

March 13th and 14, attended the meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting of the Qinghai, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report.

Luo Huining representative said, agree with the two high report. Over the past year, the "two high" around "to let the people feel justice goal in every judicial case, conscientiously fulfill the duties entrusted by the Constitution and law, the work has achieved remarkable results, and made outstanding contributions to the overall rule of law. There are three characteristics: first, the initiative to integrate into the overall situation, to protect the overall situation; the two is to uphold justice for the people, justice, and the second is to do the courage to play, pioneering and innovative. Report facing the problem, very innovative. read more

Provincial Commission for Discipline nspection bulletin six typical problems


of the party since eighteen, the area departments to earnestly implement the full implementation of strict requirements, pay close attention to the pressure conduction, strengthen accountability, dealt with a number of performance of two typical problem responsibilities ineffective. In order to further promote the implementation of the two responsibilities, in June 12th, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will be investigated and dealt with the recent 6 typical problems were notified. read more

Xining City the business sector to remind the individual industrial and commercial households befor

from January 1st to May 31st for individual business experience, Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce to remind the individual industrial and commercial households timely inspection formalities according to relevant regulations, fails to apply, will be dealt with according to law. It is reported that, in addition to self-employed households active experience, this year Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers will take home services, delay service, reservation service and other ways to carry out inspection work. At present, for the 3891 individual industrial and commercial households for the inspection procedures, inspection rate reached 6.6%. read more

School safety project is the largest practical projects for the people

In the morning of July 31st, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Han Jianhua, Secretary General Wang Yanming, the municipal development and reform, finance, education, the focus of office and other departments responsible person accompanied the field view of the Xining city eleventh school safety project progress and planning and construction of the school

in the morning of July 31st, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Han Jianhua, Secretary General Wang Yanming, the municipal development and reform, finance, education, the focus of office and other departments responsible person accompanied the field view of the Xining city eleventh school safety project progress and planning and construction of the school. read more

Vigorously promote the construction of legal system information

8 5, the provincial Party committee held a news briefing on the provincial Party committee issued "on promoting the construction of informatization in the political system of the opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") were informed about the situation.

according to reports, around the province’s political committee system the actual work and business needs, the provincial Party committee decided to use 2 to 3 years, promoting the construction of informatization in the province’s political and legal system, to build the information system interoperability, information sharing, business collaboration, safe and reliable, and comprehensively improve the province’s law enforcement officers using the ability and level of information technology the performance of their duties, to fulfill the maintenance of social stability, promote social fairness and justice, safeguard the people live and work in peace’s duty to provide good technical support. Completed before the end of 2016, the city state and county law enforcement authorities three longitudinal through, the provincial Party committee and provincial politics and law departments of the lateral Unicom Network System; built provincial, city state, county level three law enforcement authorities in the video conference system, the realization of the provincial and municipal level two state judicial organs video conferencing system interconnection; complete province city, state and county three party committee organs and public security organs in video surveillance and video conference system interconnection, completed before the end of 2017 and improve the provincial, city state level two law enforcement authorities visual emergency command system; improve the provincial law enforcement authorities data center and disaster recovery center. read more

Xining 805 low cost housing tenants in new houses

three level audit by the public, and reported to the city’s real estate management departments in line with the conditions of low-cost housing for the application of the 805 families, in the room after the smoke, in October 10th began to check in procedures. Does not want to dare now have many new houses before check-in at the site of the low household joy shows between the lines.

it is reported that, after the national day, I started in the southern area and Kang Nanchuan road match factory of the 859 sets of low rent housing for public distribution in four areas, and centralized pumping, the final 805 low-income families have low rent housing eligibility, and get a low rent housing rent. In the check-in site, residents pay in natural gas, cable television and other expenses, and the relevant departments signed a notice submitted to the District, then the construction sector after the signing of a lease contract can take the key in. read more

The first three quarters of the province’s industrial added value growth in Northwest China

if you draw a scale of industrial added value growth rate changes this year, this is a gradual upward curve.

this year from 3 to May, the province’s industrial added value of above scale growth rate remained at 7.4%. 6 to August increased by 0.1 percentage points to reach 7.5%. The first three quarters to further improve to become the highest cumulative growth rate since. Among them, the month of September the growth rate of up to 8.1%, an increase of 1.3 percentage points from the previous month. read more

Seoul Xining direct shipping 15 days this month

since December 15th, Xining and Seoul, South Korea will build a bridge between the air. The Xining charter flights to Seoul will continue for one year, with the opening of the direct flights between Qinghai and South Korea, the trials of a long journey distance will be greatly shortened, tourists by charter about 4 hours to reach the other side, enjoy the magnificent and beautiful plateau city two distinct scenery.

according to the Qinghai provincial government and South Korea reached an agreement, from December 15th onwards, Xining will achieve charter flights to Seoul. South Korea plans to fly within a year, a week to fly a round-trip flights between the two places, and reached a swap agreement. In other words, in the future, Qinghai, South Korea tourists can directly take the two direct charter flights, a significant reduction in transit time and travel costs between the two places. read more

To ensure a smooth trip tomorrow in which the masses of 128 buses through Kumbum Monastery

held the afternoon of February 24th, the Municipal Transportation Bureau will arrange Kumbum Monastery Lantern Festival passenger traffic is expected, Kumbum Monastery will be increased this year, to ensure that the masses Guandeng smooth travel, the city will be between Xining and Kumbum Monastery for high-speed and Quik bus 128, arrange time for February 26th to 28.

it is understood that the Kumbum Monastery last year during the Lantern Festival, lanterns of the masses to Huangzhong reached 100 thousand passengers, passenger train passengers transported 3 passengers. 80 thousand?. This year the Kumbum Monastery Festival coincides with the weekend, bus line fares low, is expected to Kumbum Monastery Guandeng masses than last year growth of around 20%, the number reached 120 thousand people, including high speed, quick buses to transport passengers reached 50 thousand passengers. In view of this situation, based in Xining sent to Huangzhong 10 high-speed road passenger station on the Quik sunning, add 10; city bus company in Xining to ensure original Huangzhong 25 buses, 50 more buses; to ensure the normal operation of the total village to Huangzhong bus line. February 26th to 28, Xining to the starting point for a total of four locations: respectively, sunning road bus station, railway station bus terminal 9, the Yellow River Road, China Unicom building, South Gate station. Departure time: Xining to Huangzhong as early as 7 points, late at night, Huangzhong to departure time is as early as 7 points, late at 11 points. read more

Provincial Tourism Bureau to focus on the promotion of quality tourism products line baked

Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau recommended the quality of tourism products line baked, and in Qinghai tourism network, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau micro-blog, WeChat public number, etc.. At the same time also announced the "great beauty Qinghai" prize winning essay list.

"beauty of Qinghai" essay activities held since 2013, which received contributions from more than 100 articles, eventually, "nine Qinghai" won the first prize; "Qinghai" four "yak horn Tafang" in two award; "Dongguan tea" "mountain water" green skirt bone lotion 5 piece by third-prize.
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The two phase of the project feasibility report of the north channel of Huangshui River assessment w

by the national development and Reform Commission, Chinese Institute of water conservancy and hydropower in Xining recently organized the Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation two phase of the project feasibility report of the consultation and evaluation will.

the north channel of the two phase of the project is the poverty alleviation irrigation is an important part of Da Ji Huang project, a project construction, has been included in the national 172 major water conservancy projects. The project is based on water supply and irrigation, taking into account the ecology, and create conditions for local people to get rid of poverty and improve the ecological environment. On the meeting, assessment experts focus on the feasibility report of the project construction tasks, diversion scale, water allocation plan, the serious discussion and financing mechanism and construction management system, puts forward improvement suggestions, and field reconnaissance project site. read more

Wan Ma pointed measures works of Nausicaa Xining Premiere

On the afternoon of November 29th, the project of the National Art Fund – "wind Valley" in the theatre of Qinghai culture and art school. I play by the Tibetan dancers, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony director member Wan Ma pointed measures arrangement.

in Wan Ma pointed measures, the dance is a kind of vocabulary, writing to him is to find the most suitable for the expression of vocabulary. The most important thing is to be able to switch quickly, whether it is a modern dance or a folk dance. From "Xiangbala", he hopes his creation has a progress and beyond, which rises from the national perspective to the human perspective, "Nausicaa" let him realize this desire.   read more

Qinghai development of Alpine agricultural and pastoral areas of solar Kang complex building heating

  recently, completed by Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College and other units of the "research and demonstration projects of solar Kang active passive composite heating building based on the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements by the Provincial Department of science and technology organization, that the results reached the international advanced level.

it is understood that the method of this project is to use the combination of theoretical simulation and experimental test, to develop solar Kang active passive composite building heating system is suitable for agricultural and pastoral areas of alpine, and completed a new passive air technology development and product development of collector. read more

Xining city traffic bureau to carry out road safety inspection

Recently, the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau for the recent provincial capital production safety situation, the city’s transportation industry will carry out a period of two months of production safety inspection.

is reported that the safety inspection will be in-depth transportation companies and construction sites, timely investigation of security risks, the problems and deficiencies of the deadline for rectification, and tracking results.

it is understood that the security check points for the long-distance bus and tourist charter management, business operations, vehicle management, safety of dangerous goods transport vehicles, traffic engineering construction, highway and bridge construction site fire protection facilities, parking lot management etc.. (author: Zheng Sizhe) read more

Xining City Consumers Association held 09 years of consumption and development the theme of the ann

in order to make this year’s "consumer and development" theme of the campaign in the form of novel content rich, full of sound and colour. In 2009 3 – 15 "International Consumer Rights Day is approaching, Xining City Business Bureau, the city Consumer Association held a 2009" consumer and development "theme and" 3 – 15 "series of activities work conference in February 17th, the area of more than 40 shopping malls, supermarkets, hand machine dealers and other responsible persons and" while two station "president, chief attended the meeting. read more

Provincial Trade and industry bureau party secretary comrade Chen Xinglong in Xining four district

6 month 13 days to 14 days, Industrial and Commercial Bureau provincial Party Secretary Chen Xinglong comrades in the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau people education director Li Hao, director of the office of Qi Chimin, market director Liu Guangqing, accompanied by Industrial and Commercial Bureau city party secretary Wan Jianying comrades went to Xining City, East District, Chengzhong District, North District, West District 12 business and each branch of research work. See the work in the forefront of industrial and commercial cadres. During the investigation, the Secretary Chen Xinglong and the grassroots cadres had a cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of the basic business of the cadres and workers working and living conditions, visited each branch and part of the infrastructure construction and the situation, listened carefully to the industrial and commercial bureau and some work report, solicit the views of the work and all of the business advice. To everyone’s hard work, to promote the development of local economy and society, promote social harmony and make a positive contribution to the provincial Party representatives expressed heartfelt thanks. The next work is put forward to focus on "celebrate the eighteen, and innovation performance" theme of practical activities, in accordance with the "consciousness of service and efficient supervision, for human rights, the specific requirements of strict law enforcement, temper team", continue to promote the orderly conduct of the work.
in the East Branch of research, director Chen Xinglong pointed out that the East branch can seize Provincial Bureau proposed the "five key" tasks, take the initiative to perform their duties, and actively work together work, work in a healthy and orderly move forward. East Branch of the characteristics of the industry and commerce more, a high degree of cadre education, poor infrastructure conditions. Secretary Chen Xinglong stressed the need to standardize the construction of the industrial and commercial construction in a prominent position to grasp, so solid foundation, enhance vitality. Do a good job in four aspects, one is to grasp the ability of industrial and commercial director of construction. Director of the industry and commerce is a banner, is the leader of the most basic level, the level of industrial and commercial director of quality and the role played by the decision of the level of industrial and commercial work and effectiveness. The light has a diploma is not enough, but also a level of intelligence; the light is not enough, but also have the ability; light quality is not enough, but also have good ideas and methods. As a director, one should improve the ability of autonomous learning. To in-depth study, lasting learning, lifelong learning, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency in learning, we must seize the key, to learn to understand the relevant policies, but also constantly improve learning methods. Two ability to improve planning and decision making. In the face of new problems and new situations, to learn to be resourceful and decisive when the family. To do big things to think, every piece of work in mind, to the above, the following clear, the only way to have insight, strain, will not be confused by some superficial phenomena and illusion. Three to improve the ability to tackle tough. This can best reflect a person’s level, ability and execution, the work must be developed in the habit of getting up and down, the decision of the superior deployment and intention to immediately implement, not prevarication, no drag, no discount. Four to improve the ability of comprehensive coordination. Coordinate the internal relations, the relationship between the upper and lower levels of coordination, and the local offices, neighborhood relations in good coordination, and the area of entrepreneurs, the relationship between self-employed good. To improve the ability of innovation. To carry out some of the features and highlights of the work, we must do in innovation; read more

West Railway Station shops around the renovation once the complaint immediately seized

for the renovation of the Xining train station around the shops, pengci money rubbing and other illegal activities, in August 27th, many departments of Chengbei District of Xining City Industrial and commercial organizations, urban management, public security and fire control and Mafang Street offices to carry out joint enforcement, the confiscation of a large number of fake and shoddy goods, to close down three supermarket, and called all shop owners meeting, stressed that in the future once complaints will be immediately seized. read more