Province issued the second installment of this year the basic living assistance for the masses of 1


department, the Provincial Department of Finance issued "issued in 2016 on the day before the difficulties of the masses of basic living assistance grant funds (the second batch) Notice", decided to allocated in 2016 the second batch of the difficulties of the masses of basic living assistance grant funds 1 billion 60 million yuan, used to co-ordinate urban and rural, poor staff support and temporary relief expenditures.

this year, winning the battle for the full power of poverty alleviation, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to actively implement the provincial government decision to deploy the 520 thousand poor people in the accurate identification of eligible families all included in the rural residents, the timely payment of cash funds guaranteeing the effective protection of the basic living problems of the masses, give full play to the role of rural fallback protection living in poverty alleviation work. read more


The drinks business do small coup

in today’s social life, a variety of beverage stores appear in life, but also by a lot of young people, drink shops investment cost is relatively small, the business risk is relatively low, the market is a good way to start.

if you drink like bamboo shoots after a spring rain throughout the high streets and back lanes chains, let us see the opportunities also saw the market competition, is worth thinking how business is more stable.

successful beverage chain to play a leadership, retention of the heart. The quality of the staff and service level of a store’s business impact, especially in the early stages of the business, only the salesperson can rest assured, in order to have the potential for development. The successful operation of beverage chain stores keep a good internal and external image. read more


To form a concerted effort to promote the construction of beautiful countryside

8 5, the province held in 2016 plateau beautiful countryside construction and renovation of farmers and herdsmen work site observation. From the province’s state relevant departments responsible participants, and watched the scene in Datong village, LAN Xun rang Xiang Tan Cun, Anning 5 plateau beautiful countryside construction and herdsmen ramshackle situation. At the meeting, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor of the province Zhang Jianming plateau beautiful countryside, rebuilding the achievements fully affirmed, and work on the next deployment requirements, to strengthen the leadership on the province, to form a powerful force in the construction of the beautiful countryside and farmers and herdsmen old dangerous houses renovation work, to ensure the full completion of this year the work of the task. read more


Xining city women’s Federation petition cases decreased proportion of domestic violence is still hig

to solve the problem of women’s petition in the provincial capital of Xining Federation of women.

according to statistics, in 2008, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation call letters and visits totaled 223, compared to the same period last year decreased by 35.2%, while in petition cases, marriage and family type 183, among them, domestic violence has 84, accounting for 45.9% of the marriage and family type. According to the staff, the case of domestic violence is still a hot and difficult cases petition. In the case of letters and visits, the types of domestic violence cases are family violence between husband and wife, family violence among family members and family violence against children. In 2008, the domestic violence between spouses was 91.6%. Analysis of the case, the majority of domestic violence occurred in the low level of education, economic independence, resigned on domestic violence, self-protection awareness is not strong women; marital discord, common property disputes emerged, her husband was having an affair, the husband grumpy, family irresponsible, alcoholism is caused by family violence the reason. read more


Qinghai food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors regulations the official

12 30, provincial government information office held the "Regulations of Qinghai province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") press conference, the provincial government’s Legislative Affairs Office, the provincial food and drug administration, responsible person on the "Qinghai province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management regulations" the promulgation and implementation of explained. read more


Xining city district government to purchase services the first single

for continuous innovation and improve public services to provide a new model, combined with the city’s economic and social development and the actual needs of the masses, to break the traditional model, and steadily promote government procurement of services.

, a pioneer in the District Urban Management Bureau as the city district government purchase service, implement in Nanchuan Road area sanitation cleaning integration projects, public service will be completed by the main body of the market, breaking the new mode through a broom ". Plans to invest 8 million 700 thousand yuan to the urban fringe, Nanchuan West high streets and back lanes, three buildings, cleaning, garbage transfer station, and the public toilet management area dust sprinkler work outsourcing. At the same time, the district will establish service quality guarantee system, sanitation clean sanitation supervision and inspection system and the year-end appraisal system, improve the management mechanism, strengthen the daily supervision, and explore the formation of "government leading, carry out their duties, contract management, dynamic supervision" of the government long-term working mechanism of social organization service purchase, the formation of the new normal efficient allocation of society resources. read more


Transforming learning outcomes into development momentum

  June 13th, Municipal Center Group held fourth times the study will focus on learning the general secretary Xi Jinping published "seriously study the party constitution, strictly abide by the constitution" of a text, and the speech of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, the first fifth times, at the sixth collective study. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo at the meeting stressed the need to study, study and understand fully implement the spirit of the speech series general secretary Xi Jinping, the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech series truly become a powerful ideological weapon to promote economic and social development in Xining.
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Thousands of environmental volunteers initiative

as a network of civilized volunteers, I will start from me to understand the concept of environmental protection, environmental protection knowledge, master environmental protection methods, and actively promote the construction of network ecological civilization……" In April 24th, the League Committee welcome 54 theme activities and send send joy to the grassroots culture theatrical performances held in Huzhu County town five.

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Xining Qingdao to strengthen comprehensive strategic cooperation

To further implement the consensus on cooperation of Shandong provincial Party committee, Qingdao municipal Party committee secretary Li Qun visited Xining in July to work with the Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Xiaoda, November 4th to 6, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong rate Xining party and government delegation to visit Qingdao city to learn. Qingdao municipal Party committee secretary Li Qun, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xinqi met respectively with the delegation, the two sides will further deepen cooperation and promote the development of in-depth exchanges and negotiations, signed the "two cities to strengthen the strategic cooperation framework agreement". City leaders Xu Guocheng and relevant units responsible comrades to participate in the inspection activities.During the read more


Xining City North District for the public to solve the toilet difficult

recently, north of the city of Xining City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in Chaoyang Road, Menyuan crossroads public toilets, praised by the masses, especially in the vicinity of the enterprise, many merchants praise words pavement.

it is understood that the surrounding businesses more Menyuan crossroads, pavement, large logistics market and nearby, many migrant workers, from the business, the toilet has become a big problem, defecation phenomena have occurred. Received the public to reflect the situation, north of the City Urban Management Bureau of the use of existing resources, multi-party coordination, the flow of public toilets set to solve the Menyuan crossroads, crossroads pedestrian Menyuan toilet difficult problem, but also provides a comfortable environment for toilet nearby businesses. (author: Yuan Zhen Li Jianping)
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