The game on Fridays and Mondays in the League is up to the judge

first_img“On television on Mondays it is one of the most accepted matches. The spectators are usually 50% fans of the two clubs that play and the remaining 50% football fans. If you overlap schedules you have to divide those fans who watch football because they like it between two games. In addition, when taking advantage of channels that is not the usual one there are many times that they do not find out. Putting different schedules gives the clubs greater visibility, “said Miguel Ángel Pérez Vera. “The games on Monday of last season there were more than 270,000 spectators on average and now there are only 14,000 in the sports programs broadcast at that time. There is a lot of room to grow and demand that is not being met now.”González Cueto, a lawyer for the Federation, pointed out Vera’s report as a “cluster of speculation“For his part, he only contributed the expert opinion of a part of the interview to Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, in El Larguero where he spoke about the Coordination Agreement and the King Decree Law: “And if that agreement is not renewed, how would you do to put all the matches one after another, ten schedules? First you have to see if this agreement is not renewed. In case it is not renewed? I believe that Royal Decree Law 5/2015 allows us to put matches Friday and Monday, but hey, in the hypothetical case that the Royal Decree did not say so, it says so, as we would put them. I will have to remember that, we must be attentive to everything, in the contest of audiovisual rights, and I have said it in many media, but it is difficult for you to have so much memory for such technical issues, there is a new schedule that is Sunday at two in the afternoon. “Now, Judge Andrés Sánchez Magro, once he receives the conclusions of both parties (they have the deadline to send them in writing in 10-15 days) He will have to make the decision to grant LaLiga to play First matches on Fridays and Mondays or not. Last round between LaLiga and the Federation in court. The ‘Case Schedule’, led by Judge Sánchez Magro, has passed its second session in the Commercial Court No. 2. Both the employer and the federal entity contributed in the second session of this trial the reports of their experts so that it can be played or not First and Second matches on Fridays and Saturdays. Now, both parties have between 10 and 15 days to provide their conclusions in writing to the judge. Until the sentence issued by Sánchez Magro, the decision taken in the preview held in August is maintained, when in the injunction he decreed that it could be played on Fridays, but not on Mondays.Luis Borrel, the first of the experts to appear, stressed the importance of extending the time slots: “I understand that it does give advantage to other competitors that LaLiga cannot play on Fridays and Mondays. All leagues are growing more days a week. It has an impact on the impact National and international. You have a competitive damage. What is good for the operator is for the amateur, which is what demands it. “ “The tendency is to increase schedules, because operators are willing to give more. The Premier League does schedule games in the same time zone, “ He responded to the defense. “Expanding their schedules gives more value. This happens in all leagues. All have been expanding schedules and content. They complement the demand of operators and fans. If the amounts change there may be a lower return and it can damage credibility. If you reduce the matches the buyer can trust less for the next sale and reduce its value. In addition, for small teams, audiovisual rights is the great source of revenue, about 80%. ““In a Valencia-Atlético that was played on Monday there was better attendance than the average Mestalla had, “said Miguel Ángel Pérez Vera. This expert and worker of LaLiga explained to the judge how the schedules of each day are set: “We created a tool for the competition department that has more than 70 variables to maximize the schedules and that is for when the maximum possible assistance is given and of spectators. ” “Mondays is the day when there is the greatest television consumption. The day with the most viewers in front of the television during prime time. The Premier League is taking advantage of this season that we cannot put on Monday matches, “he continues.. In addition, he assured that the presence of matches of matches of the highest category does not negatively influence modest football: “The dispute between Second and Second B matches has no impact. Even in the first or second stop weeks, attendance at matches of Second B was lower. “last_img

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