How to open a tea shop to attract talented people

in today’s society, what is the most missing? I think a lot of people should be very clear. This is not only the lack of large companies, small tea shop also lack. So, for a milk tea shop, how to recruit the most suitable for their talents? The author believes that, according to the following aspects to select talents.

1. implement classified recruitment strategy

there is no difference between no strategy, a tea shop looking for potential reserve management personnel, and for general business personnel or operating personnel, both in the recruitment channels or in the selection method should have difference. For example, the recruitment of general service personnel, should not make too many demands on education, just pay attention to his attitude to service work, understanding and his practical experience. If the recruitment of management talent, can focus on recruiting outstanding college students. This is not only conducive to attract and retain outstanding talent, but also conducive to the formation of a reasonable structure of the quality of the staff. read more


How to open a barber shop to enhance the visibility of the store

recently joined the market can be described as the beauty of the country, and in the current rise of a variety of beauty projects, investment in a barber shop became the first choice for many people to operate the project. Although such a huge consumer demand projects, but for the lack of experience in the investment, the real business is not so simple. The following is a summary of the barber shop promotion techniques, hoping to help you.

: a barber shop promotion recipe promotion

promotion is the most important promotional tool barber shop, the signboard is eye-catching, visibility, easy to attract attention. Signs of the night to have neon lights, making it easy to identify at night. Must adapt to the level of the target customers, the barber shop to manage the purpose and mood. Font design should be beautiful and generous, to have a unique. read more


Do business also need to do some reasonable business losses

said that businessmen are thinking of profit, want to let them do some money trading, it is very difficult thing. However, Xiao Bian here may wish to emphasize that the shop to do business, many times it may be appropriate to do some money trading, which will be of considerable help for the development of the store business.

to do business particularly in the retail business, because there are some goods shelf-life restrictions, can not guarantee that all in the short shelf life, which means that retail stores often have some advent goods can hardly be avoided. If retailers wholeheartedly adhere to the original price to sell their own money to make a point can not be less. Then some goods can only be estimated to expire when the waste disposal, so that the loss of our big. read more


Do you know what skills can be put on sale

often can see a lot of people like that, no matter for what purpose, but also spread can benefit as soon as possible, is the use of spare time or, or as a business, own anyway, now more and more people set up a stall, put stalls made a profit by some people, while others only to eventually dingily ended in failure. In fact, the stall to succeed, there are skills to speak of.

now employment is a very difficult thing, many people are beginning to start, in fact we choose entrepreneurship initially a lot of people are doing some stall, small business, so as to accumulate their own experience, but also can earn a portion of the funds, the following small and say some use stall skill. read more


What are the investment industry has a promising future

business is now the choice of many people, some but not all entrepreneurs are able to entrepreneurial success, industry choice is the key, the ideal business people in mind, such as project investment on the market, always know the investment choice decide on what path to follow, it directly related to the success or failure of investment. Now, in the end what is the easiest to gold?

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Vigorously promote the construction of legal system information

8 5, the provincial Party committee held a news briefing on the provincial Party committee issued "on promoting the construction of informatization in the political system of the opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") were informed about the situation.

according to reports, around the province’s political committee system the actual work and business needs, the provincial Party committee decided to use 2 to 3 years, promoting the construction of informatization in the province’s political and legal system, to build the information system interoperability, information sharing, business collaboration, safe and reliable, and comprehensively improve the province’s law enforcement officers using the ability and level of information technology the performance of their duties, to fulfill the maintenance of social stability, promote social fairness and justice, safeguard the people live and work in peace’s duty to provide good technical support. Completed before the end of 2016, the city state and county law enforcement authorities three longitudinal through, the provincial Party committee and provincial politics and law departments of the lateral Unicom Network System; built provincial, city state, county level three law enforcement authorities in the video conference system, the realization of the provincial and municipal level two state judicial organs video conferencing system interconnection; complete province city, state and county three party committee organs and public security organs in video surveillance and video conference system interconnection, completed before the end of 2017 and improve the provincial, city state level two law enforcement authorities visual emergency command system; improve the provincial law enforcement authorities data center and disaster recovery center. read more


West Railway Station shops around the renovation once the complaint immediately seized

for the renovation of the Xining train station around the shops, pengci money rubbing and other illegal activities, in August 27th, many departments of Chengbei District of Xining City Industrial and commercial organizations, urban management, public security and fire control and Mafang Street offices to carry out joint enforcement, the confiscation of a large number of fake and shoddy goods, to close down three supermarket, and called all shop owners meeting, stressed that in the future once complaints will be immediately seized. read more


Xining Municipal Bureau of food and Drug Administration in conjunction with the replacement of a fre

New Year’s Eve, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration jointly launched the Baiyun Mountain and yellow Chinese medicine for a month of free replacement of the activities of the crown. It is reported that this event will continue until the end of January 2008.

the free replacement of Radix Isatidis varieties: Radix Isatidis injection, in addition to domestic drug class size, health food shop outside; replacement conditions: ordinary family consumers per person for a product; the validity period has expired, the minimum package complete, if there are 5 packs per box to show the variety of small ticket purchase; if is Baiyun Mountain Banlangen Granule, one can replace the other (number), two of the same name brand products to replace Baiyun Mountain Banlangen Granule; replacement, manufacturers need ID number and contact the registration of consumers, for problems, timely contact with customers; prescription drugs need prescription replacement. read more


Xining City North District for the public to solve the toilet difficult

recently, north of the city of Xining City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau in Chaoyang Road, Menyuan crossroads public toilets, praised by the masses, especially in the vicinity of the enterprise, many merchants praise words pavement.

it is understood that the surrounding businesses more Menyuan crossroads, pavement, large logistics market and nearby, many migrant workers, from the business, the toilet has become a big problem, defecation phenomena have occurred. Received the public to reflect the situation, north of the City Urban Management Bureau of the use of existing resources, multi-party coordination, the flow of public toilets set to solve the Menyuan crossroads, crossroads pedestrian Menyuan toilet difficult problem, but also provides a comfortable environment for toilet nearby businesses. (author: Yuan Zhen Li Jianping)
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Xining city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau held the city food and drug regulatory s

recently, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held the city food and drug regulatory system construction work of the forum, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau), City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the third discipline committee leadership and the District, County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau and the food and drug morals duty supervisor was invited to guide the work of. The district and county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau is mainly responsible for the director of the Institute and the health supervision, the Council leadership team members and subordinate units, the offices responsible person to attend the meeting. read more